Willy Kenning, the best aerial photographs of Bolivia 1

How not to mention Willy Kenning when it comes to show the world all the natural wonders of Bolivia through photographs in numerous publications in addition to the renowned magazine National Geographic. This Bolivian adventurer 54 years has photographed the most fascinating corners of Bolivia from the sky, places that probably nobody has arrived yet.

Among his main publications are: ” The other face of Bolivia”, “Bolivia from the sky” “Landscapes of Bolivia” and “Bolivia, Images from an aerial journey”

Your file exceeds 50.000 photographs, each more spectacular.

Kenning in addition to the most wonderful pictures, He is an avid adventurer, recently made the ascent of Aconcagua, the highest peak in South America (6.960 meters above sea level). One of his dreams is to climb Everest.

Here are a few pictures of his most famous publications.

Willy Kenning




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