Salteña – The best street food in the world 1

Recently several articles in press, and magazines such as Lonely Planet Salteña cataloged as one of the best street food in the world. This is not surprising since this delicious pie can become addicted to any who try for the first time.

This wonderful gastronomic invention dating from the seventeenth century, year 1650 Potosi. There are several versions about who invented, one says that a woman, Juana Manuela Gorriti, who wanted to develop a hot pie ideal for dealing with cold Potosi and this woman came from Salta, Argentina, so that they nicknamed Salta. This woman got the perfect mix of ingredients that led to Salta.

Typical ingredients in this pie are: stew, pope, arveja the guisante, hard-boiled egg, olives, and filling of hot beef broth.

The tradition is to eat a mid-morning Salta, the 11 It is the perfect time to stop and go eat a salteña a street stall, restaurant or cafe.

Dining salteñas has grown and have developed different types of Salta with various fillings, what has not changed is the fact that eating a Salta is also a social pretext for any Bolivian.

If you go to Bolivia you can not leave without eating a, of the…or more salteñas midmorning, certain to miss it.

And for those who are far, Here is a video recipe for a foreign lover these pies!

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