Bolivia is a “must travel destination”

Listed among the most exotic and desirable destinations, between the wild, as authentic, unknown and surprising, so Bolivia and the world has its eyes on this wonderful country.

A portion of all the reasons mentioned in newspapers and travel magazines are you 10 will surprise:

1. Experiencing what the sorojchi or altitude sickness.- It is not normal, be more than 3.000 meters above sea level, probably never have noticed this strange feeling of tiredness and heaviness. For this says is key follow the instructions below 3 first day: How little, drink little and sleeps alone.

sorojchi pills

2. View more blue and starry skies in the world.- Will surprise the special light in this country, the colors come intensity and nights are much more starlit, you will never feel closer to heaven.



3. Being one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, all climates, every landscape, all kinds of wildlife, all in one! You can find a flame and in the course of a few hours to see a cougar, all in the same day.

illimani and crops

illimani and crops

4. Having all the seasons in one day, prepares coat, bikini and waterproof, You live around within hours. The best outfit…type onion to the highlands and valleys.

5. Experiencing what the dish midmorning, dish afternoon, the cup of tea and tea-dinner. Do not miss the salteña of 11, the menudito, majadito or humintas Afternoon.


6. Living a yaaa? and a lay and therefore puej or. Explain this to you, you'll have to experiment.

7. Know that when the sun burns….burning in Bolivia truth. The burning sun, Shadow freezes, must know how to find the middle ground…

8. The real adventure is adventure,there are a thousand plans Adventure, rock climbing, lower the death road bike, Motorcycle driving through the mountains, go fishing, go to the jungle at night… everything is authentic, everything is new and exciting.

9. The tomato tastes like tomato as you'll never imagined, try eating a tomato, maybe after tackling one Bolivia change your life.

Single tomato

10. Experience what it's variety of public transport format. No metro in Bolivia but if there, taxi, taxi-trufi, conceit, mini bus, micro, bus, collective, cable car, pumita o radio taxi. You Decide how to move.


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