Tarija – Wine Route

A tour of Tarija and vineyards over height

Photograph boliviaclasica.com

Photograph boliviaclasica.com

DAY 1: Arrival to the city of Tarija. Transfer / Oriel Lea Plaza Airport / Hotel selected. Check – in hotel seleccionado. Welcome Lunch!..

CITY TOURS. Know Tarija through its history and culture. Visit the most important places of the city as: "La Casa Dorada", Museum"Paleontology", Museum “San Francisco”, tour of the Mirador of dreams "The Copa del Vino, green areas and viewpoints that characterize our city, which allow us to discover its wide and elegant avenues bordering our poetic river Guadalquivir!..

DAY 2: Breakfast. TOURS TO THE COUNTRYSIDE chapaca. Visit the town of San Lorenzo, where culture is born, folklore and tradition of man Chapaco!... And birthplace of the caudillo Eustaquio Méndez "The Moto". Home visit, now a National Museum, tour of the church and market rosquetes and empanadas typical whitewashed. Continuing the reach Tours "Coimata", place of unique natural beauty, where you can enjoy the mild climate of the Tarija Valley, Enjoy the crystal clear waters, walks along its paths to appreciate its various waterfalls are there in this beautiful attractive. Continuing visit San Jacinto. Attractiveness of great importance for its high-tech infrastructure. Walk to the shore of the lake to appreciate the beautiful panoramic view of the region you see his taste of fish varieties offered the dam as: misquinchitos, tents, doraditos, churumas, cangrejitos, etc. LUNCH. TOURS A WINERY AND VINEYARDS. The heady beauty of the wine route in the valley of Tarija, see grow grapes from which our wines considered among occur the highest in the world!..

For this reason a journey made by the modern facilities of the winery "Campos de Solana", there know in detail the process of drafting the famous wines of height and technical specifications. Continued our route visit the winery Singanis “Casa Real”,singanis burning water grape recognized national and international fame. Later visit one of our most impressive natural attractions we have Canyon de La Angostura Natural strait that lies between rock formations and where the confluence of the Guadalquivir river leads and Camacho. Then we will move to the Valley of La Concepción to visit "La Casa Vieja",mysterious warehouse that stores the details of their wines proud to Tarija. WINE TASTING NEXT TO THE MUSIC Tarija!!!

DAY 3: Breakfast. In the morning at agreed time, end of the trip

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