The Eiffel Tower Boliviana 1

Alexandre Gustave Eiffel was a French civil engineer and architect. He graduated from the Central School of Arts and Manufactures of París, several bridges designed for the French railway network, but the most successful and best known is the famous architectural Torre Eiffel, built for the Universal Exhibition 1889.

In Bolivia we also find architectural works of this renowned architect, one is that in its day was the Terminal Railroad City La Paz, Bolivia, and is currently the bus terminal.

Also in 1906 was tasked with building a miniature tower similar to the Eiffel Tower in the Bolivar Park Sucre, capital Bolivia and design of the old river bridge in Cochabamba Rocha was later replaced by bridges for vehicle traffic.

Here a couple of photos of his works of architecture found in Bolivia:

The Eiffel Tower in Sucre scale, Bolivia



The Old Bus Station train station in La Paz, Bolivia


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