The Renaissance Bolivian Baroque Music Festival: the best in the world of its kind

This important festival are unique, as it comes from the finding of more than 5.000 scores of sacred music written during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, This makes these six towns of Chiquitos become World Heritage. El festival de música de la chiquitania es el mejor y […]

The cholitas fighters, a unique performance in the highest city in the world 2

More than 4.000 meters above sea level, the highest city in the world, “The High”, every Sunday afternoon show has a unique place, Wrestling cholitas, cholitas wrestling or also known as cholitas catchascanistas. Después de asistir a uno de estos encuentros nadie […]

In Bolivia today is New Year

THE new year Andino matches the winter solstice. The longest and coldest night of the year, while the most important day for the Andean culture. Today in Bolivia is no celebration! Hay varios lugares estratégicos donde se celebra este importante acontecimiento para la tradición boliviana. […]