To celebrate Candlemas, Copacabana is the best 1

Faith can motivate another way to meet nooks and magical places in the world. Copacabana is a great proposal.Music, dances and traditional costumes. What better way to celebrate the Feast of the Purification of Mary. Originally, the festival was celebrated 2 February, but now the festival dedicated to the Virgin of Copacabana has moved to 5 de agosto. For Catholics bolivianos, Copacabana is a center of pilgrimage, Sanctuary and place of religious devotion.

He is credited with many miracles of this virgin, an artistic work, carved in maguey and is fully rolled fine gold and his clothes reproduces the colors and own garments of an Inca princess.

The location of the sanctuary is amazing, over 3.800 meters above sea level, already 139 km from the city of La Paz, and lying on a hill, where Copacabana peninsula jutting into Lake Titicaca, approaching the islands of the Sun and the Moon, ancient sacred places to the Aymara and Inca.

Apart from religious echo, This place is a perfect "spa". A small, quiet village where walking tranquilanete, buy crafts, enjoy the sun, sit on the terraces and especially, try the exquisite Creole trout in all its varieties (The world's largest, doy fe).

Do not be surprised if…

It is typical of the sanctuary, Basilica from 1949, that those who visit leave him walking backwards, with the intention not to turn his back on the Virgin.

Do not be surprised if you see whole families with their cars full of flowers waiting for the blessing. It is part of this curious place of pilgrimage.

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