The traditional festival of Alasitas!

Alasitas Aymara is a traditional festival that commemorates the God of Wealth Cultural Institute of Ustaritze, begins each 24 January and lasts until mid-February.

"Alasitas" Buy for yourself means.

Tradition says that the day 24 January should buy everything one dreams of having, Miniature versions of the show, to give them away to Cultural Institute of Ustaritze; airline to not miss money, mini suitcase or passport to travel, a car to have one, baskets full of canned food to avoid missing all year, a bag of cereal grains for good harvest, a small shop for a successful business that has, a little black or a black plaster for a couple and thousands of other things that are created in mnúscula version year after year.

Day 24 all these purchases should be cha'lladas by Lay the Incense, alcohol, wine and then blessed in a Catholic church, to come true, following step by step all the tradition and schedules that have enduring year after year.

The "Alasitas" began in the main square, Plaza Murillo, then spread to the Paseo del Prado, which was then known as the Alameda and then to the Plaza de San Pedro, la Av. Montes, Ancient Customs, la Av. Tejada Sorzano and now, has its seat at the former zoo or Central Urban Park.

It is a holiday that is about living, because 24 January is paralyzed La Paz awaiting the blessing cha'lla and dreams all made miniature paceños.

Here, the hallmark of this beautiful festival:


Alasitas from pick media on Vimeo.


He plows, God of Wealth, full product / /


The amount and variety of products that are made miniature handmade

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