The most dangerous road in the world: Yungas 1

To say that the road is dangerous is to stay very short. De facto, this road is popularly known as the Road of Death. If yours are strong emotions, adrenaline release, the limit and risk, this experience you'll love! By car or bike, It is a unique experience.

This proposal is an adventure in the making. Imagine for a moment begin in The Summit a 4650 meters, dressed in warm clothing to avoid cold, fog, rain or wind. Our goal, drop to 3600 meter drop in 64 km to complete the journey in the Amazon jungle in the north. Narrated well, seems more evocative than dangerous because the landscapes are amazing. Now comes excitement and risk, because this road is the only place in Bolivia for which there is to circulate keeping left for drivers and cyclists, when passing (which happens continuously throughout the tour with trucks and buses even!), see more easily the wayside or abyss, because in some areas there until the 800 meters vertically! and fluorescent vests they wear only serve to detect you in the middle of the vegetation if you fall!!! The weather and poor visibility in certain sections and the slope of the road must add the width of the road (with a maximum of 3 meters wide and only in some sections), the thrill of countless curves (very closed), the abysmal feeling the lack of guardrails and all topped by a causeway of earth and stones.

Were you looking for thrills? Undeniably, experience over the limit I have lived yet, highly recommended. I can proudly say “I survived the death road”, bike to Coroico, and La Paz in a taxi, but that requires a separate account…

This road was built with slave labor with Paraguayan prisoners of Chaco War in the early 1930. In 1995 the Inter-American Development Bank christened it as the most dangerous road in the world and is already legendary worldwide for its extreme danger and the number of fatalities per year, averaging 200.

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