Tiahuanaco: an enigmatic journey

A 70 km de La Paz and 15km from Lake Titicaca, riddles lovers have a city that will meet all your expectations. A unique place, mysterious, enigmático e indescifrable no apto para los más racionales. Tiahuanaco, open your mind!



Arriving, Do not expect the grandeur of Egyptian ruins, nothing further. Tiahuanaco will captivate all your rationality beating, because you will leave with more questions and doubts than when you arrived. Almost 4000 meters above sea level in the Cordillera de los Andes is the world's most indecipherable puzzle. How you can find marine sediments in Andes, a 4000 meters? Looking around, Where they have gone those huge stone blocks? How stones transported over 60 tonnes a civilization, by the time, still he did not know the wheel? What technology got cut so as pristine stones Puma Punku, composed of granite and diorite, when the sole is harder ore diamond? How could carve the Puerta del Sol as a single, monolithic block? What role did he? Will we be able someday to decipher the engravings? Why all anthropomorphic figures have only been there 4 fingers?

These are just some of the puzzles do not get decipher, but worthwhile experience firsthand. It is quite possible that, for all that is ignored on these ruins, Tiahuanaco He has fed thousands of legends. It has been said that was the flood zone of biblical history Noah, or to the gods who came down from the stars or giant city. What is clear is that, anywhere in the world, They found a similar ruins.


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