Samaipata, hippies seducing travelers 2

Looking a unique place? Need to get in touch with nature in a special fellowship? Would you like to experience the simple life, staying in a hut and live with people over 25 nationalities? Samaipata te va win.

Just two and a half hours apart this ideal destination of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. is one of the most special and also lesser known enclaves of Bolivia. In Samaipata you must visit The Fort, which is the world's largest carved stone and declared by UNESCO Cultural Heritage. ¿Los UFOs aterrizaban here? A very very magical place, clearly.

In Samaipata you can also find one of the most unique national parks in the world, the National Park Amboro, bathed in rivers and waterfalls, with 800 wild bird species and ideal for an unforgettable adventure.

Need more arguments to come to Samaipata? ¡Laguna Volcano! A lake formed in the crater of a dormant volcano, surrounded by the mountainous Volcanesy where you can see rare species of birds and butterflies. Do not forget your swimsuit to enjoy the waterfalls. You can also swim in the natural springs that are in the Caves and desert Mataral, which are also part of the archaeological circuit area, in which prehistoric man (4000 a.C.) left cave paintings and petroglyphs representing scenes with magic rituals and daily life.

But the ideal for swimming and spend a romantic night away under the stars is La Pajcha, a landscape virtually untouched and achieve a perfect symbiosis with nature.

Five Things You Must Do in Samaipata, sí o sí:

1. Outdoor Dream

2. Staying in a hut

3. Api enjoy a steaming dumplings with crispy cheese market

4. Walk, walk and walk and do it on horse, bicileta the Mountain Walking (You get to choose!)

5. Visit the gazebo located in the remains of an old fighter plane

Bonus track: Attending the hippy market

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2 thoughts on “Samaipata, hippies seducing travelers

  • Norberto

    engrupan a little more…falls short of the relatillo Samaipata. It is a place that deserves the raja commented extensively. Very cool to have to devote 250 words.

    • andrix

      Thanks for your comment Norberto, in fact, Samaipata is a beautiful place that deserves to do another article talking more about this place. If you have interesting information and photos you want to share with us we would love!!